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four felt chicken ornaments sitting on top of a green cloth covered table with red bows and polka dots
some paper plates with chickens and roosters on them in the shape of cupcakes
four different colored paper chickens with polka dots on them
four pictures showing how to make an egg and bacon bunny face with eggs in the middle
Leuk voor kinderen
four handprinted easter eggs hanging from twine with colored feathers on each one
Mit Kleinkindern zu Ostern basteln 🐣
two paper turkeys are sitting on a shelf next to some crafting supplies with eyes and hands
Basteln mit Kleinkindern – 17 tolle Ideen und Anregungen für die Kleinsten
colorful paper flowers and butterfly decorations on a pink background with streamers in the shape of butterflies
DIY Farbklecks Schmetterlinge 🦋
✨Eine tolle sommerliche Bastelidee sind diese Klapp Schmetterlinge. Super einfach, machen viel Spaß und sehen dazu noch toll aus!