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the inside of a flower with lots of holes in it
Clematis Root Cross Section Stock Image - Image of tissue, microphotograph: 9811193
Happy couple. Happy young couple at a park , #ad, #couple, #Happy, #park, #young #ad
an image of the inside of a human's brain with different colors and patterns
Microscopic Plants, int.search.myway.com
Célula vista pelo microscópio eletrônico.
an aerial view of some plants and algaes in the water, looking like they are floating
Massive proliferation of microbes
Algas y protozoos en el agua, reino protistas. La mayoría son unicelulares pero también hay pluricelares. Con las algas a veces hay dudas sobre donde clasificarlas porque si son verdes se consideran en el reino de las plantas ya que tienen más similitudes con este reino. El reino de los protistas es muy complejo.
two yellow and white plates with flowers on them
Magnified Magnificent by Denis Koval & Martin Oomen
an image of some kind of substance that looks like it is in the ocean or sea
Gezocht bioloog die veel weet van schimmels en bacteriën
an aerial view of a tree in a glass bowl
Aspergillus parasiticus - Wikipedia
Aspergillus parasiticus - Wikipedia
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate with yellow and pink decorations
Saprotrophs, Mesophiles, Psychrophiles and More... - Mrs. Easton
a black and white circular object on a white background
Like ships that pass in the night.
an animal cell is shown with green algae in it's center and surrounded by other cells
Common Fungal Culture Media: Their Uses • Microbe Online
Common Fungal Culture Media and their uses
some very pretty looking plants with yellow and white flowers on it's stems in the dark
Slide Show: The Drifting World
Slide Show: The Drifting World of Plankton - The New Yorker | The New Yorker