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a modern house in the woods at night
Gallery of Sous-Bois | Luc Spits Architecture | Media - 1
Gallery of Sous-Bois | Luc Spits Architecture | Media - 2
this modern house has an open floor plan and is lit up by lights on the windows
Modernes Haus plant Kosten zu bauen #weberhaus #hang #holzhaus #architektenhäuser #fertighaus #traumhaus #bungalow #flachdach
a kitchen and living room in a log cabin with wood flooring, wooden walls and ceiling
Impressionen - Sporer Alm
a room with wooden slats on the walls and wood flooring, along with lights
Architecture · Interior Design
Heuboden als Foyer zum Gästehaus
the interior of an old log cabin with wood stacked on the floor and stairs leading up to it
Architecture · Interior Design
Auf dem alten Heuboden
three different views of the inside and outside of a house with wood sidings on each side
Dwelling House in Soglio - DETAIL inspiration
Architect Ruinelli Associati Architetti