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a cartoon dog with a heart balloon in its mouth and the words,'couques
an image of a book with flowers in the background that says bon mardi beous
a pink flower with the words bon naddi on it in front of some flowers
two birds sitting on top of a flower pot with bubbles floating around it and the words 4 fun bonmaadi
a coffee cup with roses in it and the words bonjou, bonce et joli mardi
a card with a squirrel and flowers in the background that says bonjou mes amiles
a drawing of a mouse in a tea cup with ladybugs on the side
there is a cup of coffee next to some flowers and an open book on the table
a heart shaped frame with flowers and birds
a group of dogs and cats sitting in the grass with flowers on it's side
a pink rose with green leaves on it and the words bonjou joli mardi a
a table topped with two cups of coffee and croissants
two kittens are sitting in a teacup