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six keychains with different designs on them sitting on a piece of fabric in front of a bag
Other Craft Supplies for sale | eBay
US $3.99 #Ingress keychains
a blue and green map with lines in the shape of a leaf on top of it
#Ingress Flower - #Enlightened #Resistance
the office space is full of memes and funny things to do with it's employees
Thanks for increasing the rate of decay nia! (Jerks)
a statue of a bear sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a tree
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Ingress Enlightened Hungary - Google+
a man standing next to a green object
#Enlightened or Bust
valentine's day card with the words it's been two hours since you talked to me, i was getting married about you
I Feel Like a Lvl 8 Portal When I'm With You - #Ingress Love! #HVD
the beatles's album cover art for their album
#Ingress Beatles Abbey Road - bet it's a portal!