Estudiante de medicina

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an image of various medical items labeled in spanish and english, with the words caro rou written below
carro rojo o carro de Paro cajón 1
the spanish text is in different languages
some type of text that is on top of a cell phone screen with the caption's name in spanish
a diagram of the human heart and its functions
a poster with the words in spanish and an image of two different languages on it
the diagram shows how blood cells are connected to each other
a flow diagram showing the steps in how to use crisis de asma
Chuleta: manejo del asma
Chuleta: manejo del asma – Más que mis esquemas médicos
Emt, Paramedic, Hospital, School, Medical Art
the label for an item that is in spanish
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and their names in english or spanish
Las 8 ETS más frecuentes
Las 8 ETS más frecuentes
the label for hematologia
a poster with an image of a cartoon character holding a giant pencil
Criterios de Duke
Mnemotécnia para aprender fácilmente los criterios de Duke de endocarditis infecciosa