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a table cloth with red flowers on it
No-Sew Trim Tablecloth
Gather your festive fabric for this no-sew Christmas tablecloth! This easy-to-make tablecloth sets the perfect scene for holiday parties. Shop supplies & get the project at JOANN!
an advertisement for joann's make a meditation spot, featuring a blue couch with pillows on it
Make A Meditation Spot
Create more space to sit with this comfy floor cushion. It’s a perfect spot for family movie night or kids’ sleepovers.
an advertisement for the upcycle a bench with a granny - chic slipcover
Ruffled Bench Slipcover
Upcycle an old bench with a gorgeous ruffled slipcover. It looks great and it’s easy to keep clean, since it comes right off. Win, win!
a man and woman sitting in a pool with the text, make your own pool float get project
Bean Bag Pool Float
Perfect for pool time, this bean bag pool float uses our fabulous outdoor fabric for fun in the sun!
an advertisement for joann's sling backpacks are so cool for summer
Sling Backpack
Got a lot to tote around this summer? You'll be ready for anything with this durable & fashionable sling backpack made from outdoor fabric that holds everything you need for a fun day out!
an advertisement for a camper with the words how to make a sun sail for a camper
Camper Sun Sail
Extend your camping space to an outdoor oasis by adding a cool cover. There are so many great outdoor fabric prints & colors, you’re sure to find lots to fit your style!
5 Ways To Make Summer Spaces More Fun
Get inspired by these summer home decor projects and more here: https://bit.ly/38UyfpU
a planter sitting on top of a rug next to a chair and potted plants
How to DIY A Caned Planter
This DIY planter is perfect for adding some greenery to your space! Add texture to your decor with this caned planter project that's great indoors & out.
a stove top oven sitting next to a wreath on the kitchen counter with words above it that reads how to make a stunning spring wreath get project
How To Make A Stunning Spring Wreath
Floral wreaths are a great way to add a pop of color to a space that needs a little flavor! This densly packed wreath is easy to make by picking your favorite flowers from our huge spring selection, deconstructing the stems & bushes and arranging them onto a blank wreath base.
four framed flowers are hanging on the wall
A new spin on wall flowers
Flowers are perfect for bringing in the color and feel of the season to your space. Use floral stems from JOANN to make your display last forever.
an advertisement for joann's yarn weaving project with the text make a yarn weaving for your wall
Make a yarn weaving for your wall
This mixed yarn wall hanging offers something new for your walls. The texture & colors are up to you - the only thing that's certain is it'll look amazing!
an ad for joann's new website, add some whimsy to your walls
Hoop art adds whimsy to your walls
Grab your hoop, wood beads & and embroidery thread and create some custom wall art to make your dorm room uniquely "you!"
the ad for joann's latest project, add architectural interest to your apartment
Add architectural interest to your apartment
Need to spice up your wall decor but can’t paint the walls? Use peel & stick wallpaper to create the perfect accent in your dorm or apartment!
the front cover of joann's book, go beyond the boundariess of framed art
Go beyond the boundaries of framed art
Create a floral masterpiece that bursts out of the frame! This is easier than you may think… Check it out and add your unique expression to your wall decor!
a cactus in a pot with the caption dye a canvas cover for your cactus
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Repot your plants in these cute canvas pots! Use a cotton canvas pot cover, or make your own, and tie dye with Rit dye in Truly Green to create these little plant holders.