inspiration for outdoor spaces, backyards, deck, patio, garden, pool, and balcony. this board also includes the before and after makeover reveal of my deck…
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Honeysuckle vine

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Fire pit area

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Winter garden

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Privacy fence

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Step by Step: DIY Budget Garden Walkway Projects for the Weekend Gardener - Melanie Jade Design

Front yard landscaping

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Cottage garden designs bring a classic, soft vibe to your landscape. Create a garden that's big on color but small on labor.

Bee friendly garden

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The shabby chic decorating style and outdoor lighting ideas were introduced for the first time by Rachel Ashwell in the 80s and have since become a classic decoration. Its features are distressed materials, antique furniture, dishes, and cups made of Chinese porcelain, pastel colors and vintage chandeliers. #shabbychic #outdoor #lighting #garden #outdoorlights #boho #bohemian #bohochic #bohostyle #idlights

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PART 3: apparently this is what $800 of compost and garden soil looks like! Perfect for amending our existing soil and filling raised beds 👩‍🌾 Next up: building planter beds for my massive vegetable garden and a lottttttt of shoveling! #veggiegardening #growingagarden #zone8bgarden #zone8b #pnwgarden , vegetable garden layout , garden design , garden ideas , gardening for beginners , garden planning , garden projects , gardening ideas
Part 2 of starting our ginormous vegetable garden from scratch! Here’s a quick tour of the area as I talk through our plans. Let me know what you think! #zone8b #vegetablegarden #startingagarden , vegetable garden layout , garden projects , garden plans , garden planning , garden plan , garden layout , magical garden , landscaping

Vegetable garden ideas

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a garden with lots of flowers and plants growing on the side of it's path
Step by Step: DIY Budget Garden Walkway Projects for the Weekend Gardener - Melanie Jade Design
Step by Step: DIY Budget Garden Walkway Projects for the Weekend Gardener - Melanie Jade Design
All About the Health Benefits of Gardening
Discover the amazing health benefits of gardening with our latest board! Explore a variety of garden ideas and practical gardening tips to transform your outdoor space. Learn how tending to your garden can boost your physical and mental well-being. Get inspired to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through the joys of gardening!
Lounge Chairs for Under $200 Living Room Patio, Reading Nook, Lounge Chairs, Outdoor Entertaining
Lounge Chairs for Under $200 | Affordable Chairs
Elevate your relaxation with our stylish lounge chairs, all available for under $200. Perfect for any living room, patio, or reading nook, these budget-friendly chairs combine comfort and elegance without breaking the bank. Choose from a variety of designs and materials to match your decor and enjoy luxurious lounging at an affordable price. Discover the perfect lounge chair to enhance your space and relax in style.
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Outdoor Summer Fans
Stay cool and comfortable during the hottest months with our range of outdoor summer fans, perfect for any patio or garden space. Designed to provide powerful airflow, these fans are ideal for summer gatherings, barbecues, or simply relaxing outside. Choose from a variety of styles and features to match your outdoor decor and keep your space breezy and enjoyable. Beat the heat and enhance your outdoor living experience with our top-quality summer fans. #outdoorpatio #patiodesign #backyarddecor
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Wayfair Porch Swings
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Amazon Gardening Shoes Gardening Shoes, Garden Fashion, Green Oasis, Garden Chic
Amazon Gardening Shoes
Step into the garden in style with Amazon's gardening shoes collection. Elevate your garden fashion game with functional yet fashionable boots designed for every level of gardener, from beginner to seasoned pro. Discover the perfect footwear to complement your gardening adventures and ensure comfort and durability while you cultivate your green oasis. Say goodbye to muddy mishaps and hello to effortless garden chic with Amazon's top picks for what to wear to the garden.
Gardening Stools For Summer Planting Summer Plants, Summer Planting, Plant Seeds
Gardening Stools For Summer Planting
Make your summer planting experience easier with the perfect gardening stool. Discover comfort and convenience as you tend to your garden with ease, embracing essential gardening tips along the way. From beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, enhance your gardening journey with a sturdy stool designed for every task. Seamlessly plant seeds and nurture your summer garden while enjoying the blissful outdoors. Dive into the world of gardening stools and make your garden dreams a reality this season.
Summer Garden Seed Starting Supplies Summer Gardens, Seed Planting, Plant A Garden, Seed Starter
Summer Garden Seed Starting Supplies
Embark on your summer garden journey with essential starting supplies and expert gardening tips. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, learn how to plant a garden that blooms with beauty all season long. Explore the joys of seed planting and cultivate a vibrant oasis right in your backyard. Dive into the world of summer gardens and let your green thumb flourish with each carefully chosen plant.
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Wayfair - 2 Person Outdoor Patio Sets
Transform your summer patio into an oasis with Wayfair's 2-person outdoor patio sets. These stylish chairs for patio lounging make the perfect addition to any outdoor setting, offering both comfort and elegance. Whether you're enjoying a quiet morning coffee or an intimate outdoor dining set experience, these sets are designed for your ultimate relaxation. Refresh your summer patio and elevate your outdoor space with Wayfair’s top-quality, chic patio furniture.
two white swans walking down a path in a flower filled garden with lots of flowers
Birkhall: The home of The Prince of Wales on the Balmoral estate, Aberdeenshire - Country Life
a white sink sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall mounted faucet
Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips - Midcounty Journal
Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips - Midcounty Journal