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hot cocoa kit with christmas decorations and candy in glass jars on a wooden table next to mugs
Simple Christmas Gift: Homemade Holiday Inspiration - Hoosier Homemade
Everyone loves Hot Cocoa! Simple DIY Christmas Gift! Great for Teacher Gifts, Neighbors, Guests and more! Pin this to your Christmas Board!
four pictures showing how to make a box with hearts cut out of paper and glue
send a heart attack. (write one thing you love about them on each heart).. oooh I have some ideas for this.. :)
three notebooks with the words 52 reasons i love you written on them, sitting on a wooden surface
2011 Ultimate DIY Gift Guide
Valentines Day deck of cards
a white toilet sitting next to a bathroom sink under a mirror and hanging baskets on the wall
Tárolás a WC felett
hanging shelves from basket. Cute! Seems easy and inexpensive.
there is a pig cake on the table
Pig Cake--- this is so stinking cute
the outline of texas with a yellow heart on it's map in gray and white stripes
You never know when you will need a state outline for a craft project...Free printables for each state and hearts to put over the city where you live.
a new england football helmet on display in a box with the nfl logo painted on it
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#Patriots Large Helmet Candle
there is only one happiness in life to love and be loved i am gratify because of you, my dear companion
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A note to your husband that won't fall apart. He can carry it in his wallet. I think I am going to do this for our anniversary.
there is a framed photo with the words admit one on it and many other pieces of paper
Foursided | Custom Framing, Vintage, Cards & Gifts
a memory box for tickets. slit at the top to drop in more tickets as the years go on!
an art project made out of plasticine and colored paper with wavy lines on it
Ahh this is crazy! Trace the hand in pencil. With a marker, draw a straight line until you get to the hand. Then make a curve from one line to the next, then continue the straight line.
two cups with hair dryers in them sitting on a counter top next to a mirror
HOLY CLEVER BATMAN! Who woulda thought!!!
a candle that is sitting inside of a glass vase with some pearls on the side
Winter-themed Bridal Shower
Sand (or sugar), faux pearls, & a 3" candle.