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two cross - stitch cactuses with the words dido di dont written on them
Dil-do Cross Stitch Pattern - Etsy
Following the response on Instagram I welcome you to stitch your own dil-do! Please ask any questions you may have. Feedback is welcomed. My Instagram is jooberry_rose. Tag and share your makes with me. Hope you enjoy ❤
Thanks for the invite but I gotta go
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Yes! That's the smell I couldn't place. It's the hotdog water vibes they give off. 🤣😂
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45 Funny Memes To Laugh Yourself To Sleep
a man sitting on a swing next to a trash can and another photo with the caption'i asked my next door neighbor to take my bin out as i wouldn't be home he definitely went above and beyond
a man pointing his finger at the camera with an ad in front of him that reads, you can't disapport your family if you've never made them proud
33 Funny Pictures & Best Memes That Rock | Team Jimmy Joe
an image of a statue that is in the middle of a photo with caption
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This Instagram Account Celebrates Hilariously Sarcastic Memes, Here Are 50 Of The Best
the words good morning ladies and disappointments are written in black on a white background
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30 Hilarious Quotes For When You're Just Done
the words i can't get in the fork off my dinner on a white background
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an image of two babies wrapped in blankets on top of a book with the caption reading red hair is created by an entangleed
Red hair
If more textbooks said things like this, we wouldn't hate them so much