1. Schultag

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a bulletin board with calendars and magnets attached to it's sides on a wooden floor
Mobiler, flexibler Kalender
the umbrella is hanging on the wall with magnets
Pin de Eirini Th en 4 ΕΠΟΧΕΣ | Manualidades, Manualidades escolares, Manualidades infantiles
a birthday party with colorful paper garlands and decorations
Girlande zum Schulanfang: einfache und tolle Anleitung
a bunch of stickers with faces on them sitting in a white pot filled with green grass
Der 1. Schultag – Klassenkunst
a room with a bed, bookshelf and green rugs on the floor
the desk has many different types of stationery on it, including pens and pencils
there are some little monkeys on top of the cupcakes that have been placed in front of each other
Der 1. Schultag – Klassenkunst