Catholic Shrines

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a stained glass window with a statue in the center and flowers on the bottom shelf
All about Mary.
An Italian street shrine for Mary.
a small window with candles and flowers on the ledge above it in front of a building
Sicily street shrine
Sicily street shrine; element of movement from fabric...changing array of fresh flowers...
there is a potted plant in front of a blue wall with an image on it
MY ITALY….Little Shrines
the altar is decorated with flowers and garlands for an enchanting occasion,
Guadalupe Shrine Mexico
Guadalupe Shrine Mexico a beautiful home altar dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe outside a home in Barra de Potosi on the Pacific coast of Guerrero Mexico
a statue in the middle of a garden with rocks and stones around it, surrounded by greenery
grotto ideas Philippines
Resultado de imagen para grotto ideas Philippines
a statue in the middle of a stone arch
This pretty outdoor shrine honoring St. Joseph is a wonderful place to pray. He is the patron saint of working people and the heads of families. In devotional art, St. Joseph is almost always depicted holding the Infant Jesus.
a statue on top of a street sign in front of a brick building
JJ Veronis
Virgin Mary, Charlton Street, NYC
the statue is surrounded by flowers and candles
beautiful "our lady of guadalupe" shrine
a stone plaque with an image of jesus and mary in the center surrounded by rocks
Shrine of Our Lady La Leche - St. Augustine, Florida
a crucifix in the middle of a tree next to a man on a cross
Wayside cross - Fieldcross - Wayside shrine | Woodcarving Bavaria
Wayside cross from Bavaria. By Hubert Janson.
a statue of the virgin mary in front of some rocks
Virgin Mary in a grotto on the road out of Killarney. Statues like this can be seen all over Ireland.
a statue of the virgin mary is shown in front of some trees and bushes with flowers
Our Lady Of The Hills
Our Lady Of The Hills in Urbank, Minnesota