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lady with sunflower in front of black background wearing costume and headdress, holding microphone up to her mouth
Katy Perry~"Like a double rainbow in the sky, wherever you go so do I."
a woman standing on top of a golden lion in the middle of a stage with fireworks behind her
Katy Perry Shines During Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show: Watch
ROAR! Katy Perry just put on an unforgettable #SuperBowl halftime show: http://bit.ly/1z3DCYV
a woman with blue hair standing in front of a pepsi can advertising the hyped for valentine's day
Are You Ready for Some Football??? NFL Super Bowl XLIX
Katy Perry will be performing the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show with special guest Lenny Kravitz
a black and white poster with the words my heart stops when you look at me
a woman with her hands on her head and the words, to many girls rush into relationshipss because of the fear of being single
So true .. better to wait for a great catch then to have to change who u r for anyone♡
a woman smiling and wearing a black dress with a quote on the side that says, you don't have to be perfect to achieve your dreams
Inspirational quotes: Wise words from famous women
You do not have to be perfect to achieve your dreams!--Katy Perry
a woman standing in front of a white and pink object with sparkles on it
Katy Perry Hypes Up Her Super Bowl Halftime Show With Crazy Commercial
#KatyPerry Hypes Up Her #SuperBowl Halftime Show With Crazy #Commercial http://popdust.com/2014/11/24/katy-perry-super-bowl-commercial/
a woman in a football uniform is on top of a fake rocket while singing into a microphone
Katy Perry will perform at Superbowl 2015
three women dressed in pink and blue costumes walk down the street with feathers on them
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Katy Perry rockin this feather showgirl suit.
a woman holding her hand up with the words i'm a good girl because i really believe in love, integity, and respect
(85) katy perry quotes | Tumblr
a woman standing in front of a mosaic wall
Katy Perry at DisneyWorld ❤️❤️
two women dressed as snow and snow white posing for a photo in front of a fence
Katy Perry outfit inspired by Snow White ❤️
two women in costumes standing on stage
Katy in detroit!!! katy was so nice and she brought a little katy cat on stage and gave her a pizza!!! lucky!!
a woman with purple hair is posing for the camera and has her hand on her chin
I love her hair color in this!