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a person holding up some wooden magnets with pictures on them
Iman de madera personalizado
four wooden frames with different designs and names on them, each containing an individual's name
Wir bauen um... | zieglerei
three round cutouts with the faces of rabbits in black and white, on a wooden background
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Mama Sweatshirt, Minimalist Mama, Custom Mama Sweatshirt with Date and Children Name on Sleeve, Ollie and Penny, Gift for Mom, blanch
someone is holding a wooden hot air balloon ornament
Baby Milestones- Hot Air Balloons
Adorable and very unique baby milestone cards that can be used for newborn pictures
there is a wooden sign that says spersoneplan on it and six glasses in front of it
Speiseplan DIY
Scale 1:1 Newborn PlaquePersonalisedAs parents ourselveswe understand how fast these newborn moments go by and having something that indicates how small our babies actually were when they entered the world is something really special to haveThis is a scale of 1:1which means this plaque will be the actual length your baby was at birth.This is the perfect gift for a loved one that has just had a baby or simply for yourself to treasure forever.Our Scale 1:1 Newborn Plaque is available in a few opt Parents, Baby Baby, Wood Crafts, Baby Design, Baby Crafts, Laser Cut Wood, Baby Gifts, Newborn Gifts
Scale 1:1 Newborn PlaquePersonalised