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a man in armor sitting on a chair drinking from a water bottle while wearing metal armor
an info sheet with different avatars in it, including the characters and their names
I have a dance that will really shock them
Blank chart for Inquisitor's relationships with companions/advisors. Center of circle is beginning of Inquisition, out to the end of Trespasser.
many different facial expressions on the face of a man in star wars, including an individual's eyes and nose
the four main characters are playing guitar and singing in front of an american flag with words that read, we're the champions
dragon age
four different scenes from the animated movie avatars
How It Was by IzoldeDeith on DeviantArt
a man with his finger up in front of him that says, my death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time
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a drawing of a woman with black hair and red cape standing in front of a white background
kreugan User Profile | DeviantArt
Hawke from Dragon Age 2