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a wooden table topped with plates and bowls filled with strawberries next to lit candles
a room filled with lots of paintings and busturines
a birthday cake with two people on it sitting on a white counter top, and the words'this is actually ella's 3rd birthday's day
Charlie & Lola cake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there is a cake that looks like it has animals in the boat and palm trees
there are two cakes on the counter and one is pink
a store front with christmas lights on the windows and curtains hanging from it's windows
a red and white drawing of a fox wearing a suit with stars on it's chest
Fantastic Mr. Fox
some embroidered patches that are on top of a bag and in the shape of hearts
Coca Cola Accessories | Coca-Cola Adhesive Patches | Color: Red/White | Size: Os
These Coca Cola Adhesive Patches Would Make A Fine Addition To Any Collection Or Just Just Add Some Flare To Your Clothing /Bags ! This Set Is Still New In Original Packaging, And Includes 6 Adhesive Patches. Pictures Listed Of Each, Approx 1in-2in.