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a man in a suit and bow tie is surrounded by other people
Robert Pattinson 💌
a couple of heart shaped pictures with the words robert my beloved written on one side
rob 💌
a collage of photos with the words robert pattiinson on them and hearts
a man standing in front of a firework display with people wearing party hats on his head
a person wearing a green sweater and white pants standing in front of an open grill
Harry Potter Fanfic - What If - Anak
i love edward cullinn
a collage of people with different faces and hair styles, including one man in the middle
a drawing of a man's head with the caption saying, why do you so quiet? what's on your mind?
a heart shaped photo with the words, my heart belongs to you and an image of a man holding a kite
i love robert pattiinson
a man standing in the middle of a kitchen with wooden floors and cabinets on either side of him