2000 Chinook RV for sale

The Sportscar of Motor Homes! Only 34,400 miles, 63 hours on generator, excellent condition, just remodeled. Almost all Waferboard replaced with Oak, New Vinyl…
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the inside of an rv with blue couches and wooden cabinets
there is a sign on the side of an air conditioner that says penguin heat pump
the interior of an rv with wood cabinets
the interior of a car with wood paneling
the dashboard of a car with speedometers and numbers
the control panel for an electronic device on a wooden table
the back end of an electric vehicle with its door open
the inside of a white vehicle with wires and plugs attached to it's side
an open refrigerator in a kitchen next to a microwave
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a shower head mounted on a wall
a kitchen with sink, cabinets and window in the back ground area on a motorhome
the kitchen and living area of an rv