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a pink flower with a ladybug on it and some words written in the middle
Health, Encouragement, Stress, Snoopy, Feel Better, Finding Peace
a person sitting in the water with a fishing line attached to their head and on top of
Wenn Sie möchten, dass Ihre Kinder intelligent sind, lesen…
a little boy sitting on top of a chair holding a teddy bear in his hand
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
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Im nächsten Leben mach ich gleich was mit dir. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®
a purple tree in the middle of a field with words above it that say, e is
es gibt Menschen....
a cartoon drawing of a person holding a heart balloon with the words,'die sonate zeit im leben, ist
Gute Ich Liebe Dich Sprüche - Beste Spruche Ideen
a little boy sitting on the ground in front of a quote that reads,'erwachsen werdern zu wo
Frueher oder spaeter