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paper bags with flowers are lined up on a table
several pictures of different types of cards and envelopes that are made from cardboard boxes
several pieces of paper with words written on them
Nimm ein Kompliment und verschenk es... #abreisszettel Find me at Facebook!!! | Teacher appreciation gifts, Diy gifts, Appreciation gifts
four small black and white paper bags on a wooden table
Box in a bag - Weihnachtslieder
several small brown boxes with flowers on them
Giveaway aus Mini Rittersport
there are two pieces of colorful hair on the package and one has a sign that says he knows the hair's on your head
an orange pen sitting on top of a yellow piece of paper next to a note
the instructions for how to make an origami book with gold and red ribbon
Scripture Treat Handout with Hershey's Nuggets
pink and white gift boxes with tags tied to them
Variante der Box in a bag
there is a sign that has been put up on the shelf in front of some stuffed animals