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a wooden sign with the word famlie written in german on it next to some dried flowers
Aufsteller „Familie“
three corkscrews are sitting next to each other on a piece of wood
Flaschenöffner mit Spruch
Ein kleines Mitbringsel oder zum Vatertag. Ein Flaschenöffner mit Spruch. Für ein gemütliches beisammensein. :)
there are many glass jars that have designs on them and labels in the bottom one
two wooden signs hanging from a hoop on top of a wood floor next to each other
two white ceramic containers sitting on top of a counter next to a cutting board and utensils
Du bist schön
a glass jar with some writing on it sitting on a white blanket next to feathers
Grabkerze Plotten Oma
three white candles tied with twine and labeled with words on them, sitting next to each other
two black soap dispensers sitting on top of a table
the cricut joy and cricut design space with text overlaying it
Cricut Joy Plotter für Einsteiger - Dateien und Schriften importieren
a door handle with writing on it