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paper plates with chickens on them sitting in the sand next to some straw bales
Bible lesson about not worrying. He cares for the birds, how much more he cares for you!
four different pictures of the same bird on paper with grass and blue sky in the background
Kindergarten Chicks
Art with Mr. Giannetto: Kindergarten Chicks
two red and green flowers hanging from strings
an assortment of different colored paper cut outs with rabbits on them and the words happy easter written in black
Bunny made of newspaper and a cotton ball
the window is decorated with colorful hand prints
Bild: Fenster Dekoration Deko Frühling Klassenzimmer, Blumenwiese, Blumen, Wiese mit Händen, Hand Handabdruck alsBlume, Gras ist ebenso aus Handabdrücken gemacht