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some kind of candy bar on top of a wooden table with nuts and other items
Classico Percussioni del corpo
La percussione corporea incontra la classica! Diverse sequenze sonore, mosse efficaci e coreografie impressionanti, suonate su famose melodie classiche: questi sono gli ingredienti per colpi di corpo classici unici. La nuova serie RhythmOne, Classical Body Percussion, si rivolge a tutti i bambini di 8-88 anni che amano il movimento e vogliono immergersi nell'affascinante mondo delle percussioni corporee, oa coloro che hanno già esperienza con le percussioni corporee e sono alla ricerca di nuove
Body Percussion warm-ups and canons for ages 8 to 88 (eBook incl. Downloads)
Stomp Clap Butterfly (Richard Filz) - 99 body percussion warm-ups and canons for ages 8 to 88 includes motivating icebreakers for the lesson, exciting “pause fillers”, original greetings for (school) concerts, and energetic openers for choir and orchestra rehearsals. The small compositions combine simple spoken text with attractive body percussion sound sequences. They ensure a good mood and strengthen both team spirit and a sense of community.
a drawing of a sailboat with the caption'was bremst? '
Flipchart: Vorlage für #retrospektive #meetings #workshops
a poster with words and pictures on it that say men's oranges, gravy, marzite licorn, cran, hot chocolate, etc
m&m‘s Orakel
Kennenzulernen mal anders. Jeder sagt etwas zu seinen m&m‘s um so die Gruppe besser kennenlernen zu können.
a drawing with words written on it and clouds in the sky, all around them
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a poster with words that say about me, start let's go and finish
English Worksheets For ESL Teachers
English Worksheets For ESL Teachers | VK
a poster with words and pictures on it that says talk for 1 minute food,
FOOD - Speaking cards
FOOD - Speaking cards - English ESL Worksheets
a drawing of a clock with words describing the different stages of teamwork on it
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