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the corner of a wooden shelf with an arrow pointing up to it's top
American Made Hardwood Flooring - Engineered 3/4 Inch & Solid
Cover moulding under the step. Think this would add a little additional impact and take it above builder grade.
a large kitchen with wooden cabinets and black counter tops, an island in the middle
31 Proper Countertop Design for Clean Impression - Matchness.com
the parts of a wooden window frame are labeled in blue and white text, along with instructions on how to install them
Wainscoting Tutorial & Getting My DIY Groove Back
a wood floor in front of a fireplace with a potted plant on top of it
Rustic Reclaimed Oak Flooring | Whole Log Reclaimed NC
an empty room with wooden floors and windows
Antique Oak Flooring - Longleaf Lumber