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the night sky is filled with star trails
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Star Park Hohe Dirn: Public viewing On the weekend from Saturday 26th October to Sunday 27th we had a public viewing event, held by our partners the Sternfreunde Steyr. Here are the pictures!
the night sky is filled with stars above mountains and snow covered hills, as seen from below
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The night in the Star Park Thanks to our partners, the Sternfreunde Steyr, and their effort walking up the mountain during difficult snow conditions (>1.5m of snow) we can show you some current impressions of the night sky in the Star Park Hohe Dirn and the KRO.
a person on skis is standing in the snow with mountains and trees behind them
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Winter at Star Park Hohe Dirn, here are some very nice impressions for you.
a man standing on top of a snow covered slope next to a satellite dish in the background
There has been no update for to long and we are sorry for that, however we did not miss to update because we were lazy but quite the opposite. A lot has happened since December, so you are in for some interesting news and of course pretty pictures, like the following made by Rudi Dobesberger from the Sternfreunde Steyr. Yes there was a lot of snow at Hohe Dirn!
a telescope sitting on top of a snow covered hill under a night sky filled with stars
Sternfreunde Steyr
Another stunning impression form the Kepler Remote Oberservatoy at Starpark Hohe Dirn. We need to finish the few last task before Winter finally comes. (Photo taken on 28.11.2018 by Rudi Dobesberger)
an array of domes in the snow at night
Sternfreunde Steyr
Snow has fallen and we would like to present you this beautiful landscape impression of the winter at Hohe Dirn. Photo taken on 28.11.2018 by Rudi Dobesberger from Sternfreunde Steyr. And if you are looking for the reason Rudi as there that night, it is the Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
a dirt road going up the side of a hill
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Impressions of a wonderful day above the foggy dells.
the night sky is filled with stars and clouds, as seen from a hill top
Zodiaclight and Venus by Rudi Dobesberger / 500px
Zodiaclight and Venus in the morning over the mountains of Nationalpark Kalkalpen. A very clear dark night, the yellow glow you can see on the left side is the lightpollution from capitol-city Vienna 150 km away and to the south the lightpollution of Graz in110 km distance. The blue glow from the horizon to leo a sign of zodiak is reflectet sunlight from dust in the ecliptic. The brightest star on this picture is the only planet, Venus. All other dots are far away suns. See more pics of zo...
an image of a map that is colored in blue and yellow, with lots of green dots
The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness
Map of artificial might sky brightness, Europe.
two large white domes sitting on the side of a hill
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Star Park Hohe Dirn! Some nice Photos taken at the intended location of the Kepler Remote Observatory