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an embroidered red flower on a white table cloth
Топик *Букет России* от Марины Шеиной. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Топик *Букет России* от Марины Шеиной. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
an art piece is hanging on the wall
Working with the idea of causing human viewer interaction with my works, I am making pieces that viewers can “rearrange”, thereby creating another story; their own personal, alternative view. Right now, those works are taking place on the wall in more of a 3D format, but new ideas are in the works for changeable environments, also. At any rate, I am alive and smack dab in the middle of it all…so…. I want to Reconnect. ” – Leisa Rich
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall and has scissors attached to it
Peggy Wiedemann * Fiber Artist
Peggy Wiedemann ~ "Ballgown For A Mermaid" via *Fiber artist
several crocheted doily are arranged on the floor, one is purple and the other is pink
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freeform crochet knitting scarf by levintovich
a crocheted object is sitting on a table
freeform crochet by Olgemini
the woman is posing with her hands on her hips and wearing a colorful sweater over her shoulders
two pieces of crochet are laying on the floor
rugpand en een stukje van het voorpand. ff aan elkaar gelegd..
an orange and yellow crocheted blanket with wavy lines on it's edges
Социальная сеть Одноклассники. Общение с друзьями в ОК. Ваше место встречи с одноклассниками
Оксана и Иван К - схемы к моим вязалкам, и все, что в работе | OK.RU
a woman in a dress and jacket is posing for a magazine cover with her hands on her hips
Wow! Ok, I'll never be able to make this, but it sure does rock!
three pictures of pink flowers with silver accents
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a hand holding a small crocheted flower
Искусство ИРЛАНДСКОГО кружева | OK.RU
(99+) Classmates
a red and yellow pillow sitting on top of a white chair
scrumble crochet awesome!
a close up of a small decorative object on a wall
Ирландское кружево с Натальей Ртищевой Фриформ | OK.RU
a crocheted brooch with an ornate design on it
538 Best 2 Irish Crochet. Motifs. Freeform ideas. Цветочные мотивы ирландского кружева, фриформ и идеи. images | Nápady, Návody, Irská krajka
Наталія Bynchik Бондаренко. Irish crochet. Freeform. irish crochet patterns. Motifs. Leaves. Ирландское кружево. Техника ирландского кружева. Фриформ. Мотивы. Схемы. Листы. Цветочные мотивы. Цвета. Irish krajky. Motivy. Schema. Květinové motivy. Бурдон. Гусеничка. Irish Crochet bourdon. Lístí.