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a blue and white wallpaper with wavy waves in the shape of an ocean wave
an abstract painting with blue, green and black dots on white paper in the shape of hearts
ashley g pattern surface design textile surface
five different colored paper sheets with dots on the top one is white, blue, yellow and pink
IAmTheLab - Your Design Concierge. Podcast and Design & Creativity Blog. Find the best of modern creativity: art, architecture, craft, style. - IAmTheLab
Fun Cards from Ma and Grandy
an abstract painting with red, blue and black lines
Georgiana Paraschiv's Store | Society6
blue and red Art Print by Georgiana Paraschiv | Society6
a bunch of potted plants are shown in different colors and designs on white paper
Sally Payne - Illustration & Surface Pattern Design
Plants Patterns by Sally Payne #patterndesign #patterns #minimalistpatterns
an abstract background with different shapes and colors, including the words'menu design '
Trend Alert: 1980s Memphis Design
Memphis sounds like a perfectly normal name for a design movement. If it had been founded in the United States. But it wasn't. Instead, a few whimsical Italian furniture designers were listening to Bob Dylan when the name suddenly clicked — and it has certainly stuck. So what is this Memphis Design style that seems to be popping up everywhere, and where did it come from?
blue and pink dots on a white background
Blog sur l'identité visuelle - Hellonobo
Pattern by Hello Nobo - Abstract pink and blue
an advertisement for plates with black and white designs on them, including dots and lines
TRENDLAND | Online Trend News covering design, art, fashion, travel and more
Love this color pink and the combination of the geometric patterns - Charlotte Love
an image of a pattern with triangles on it's backgroung surface
jazz it up | The Lovely Drawer
jazz it up | The Lovely Drawer. great accent print little
a poster with the words where to find inspiration on it, and an image of abstract paint
six different geometric designs on a white wall with black, pink and blue stripes in the middle
Geometrias … Más
the cover for scandi graphic design navian
Graphic design from around the world: Scandinavian design
Love the simpler things in life? Check out out latest, Graphic Design From Around the World: Scandinavian Design
four cards with different designs on them, one is yellow and the other has black dots
NSS 2016 Sneak Peek: Ramona & Ruth
NSS 2016 Sneak Peek: Ramona and Ruth / Oh So Beautiful Paper