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the curtain is covered with green plants and ivys hanging from it's sides
Schiere Kulisse - Brautparty Ideen
two wine bottles are sitting on a table with sunflowers and baby's breath
Camo Wedding Dresses | United States | Heartland Ranch Weddings, Idaho
Wine bottles tied together with burlap- babies breath and sunflowers accent the head table.
three green vases with flowers are sitting on a wooden slab in front of a white table cloth
💑 +101 Ideas Para Una Boda Única 💒👰 [2019]
Inspirate con esta idea para decorar tu boda de estilo "shabby chic" #boda #decoracion
a centerpiece with flowers on a table at a wedding reception
Loved these cute homemade rustic centerpieces by my November bride. Beer bottles wrapped in twine, mason jars with chunky lace wrap, and empty wine bottles stuffed with baby's breath and roses.
a wine glass with the words endadung written in different languages on black background
Einladungen -
+*Karten zum verlieben! Liebevoll gestaltete Karten für Dein persönliches Event!* Ob Geburt, Hochzeit oder andere Ereignisse, über eine persönliche, liebevoll gestaltete Karte freut sich...
the front and back of a greeting card with an image of a woman's face
Einladungskarten zum 60. Geburtstag: selbst erstellen
Patina 60
a tray with candles and succulents sitting on top of a wooden table
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Tray met kaarsen en theelichten