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a painting of donald duck wearing a top hat and holding a cane in front of money
Scrooge McDuck and Money
a cartoon santa reading a book next to a lit candle
a window decorated with paper snowmen and a christmas tree
Pin by betül on Yaptıklarımız | School christmas door decorations, Christmas diy, Christmas classroom
Make Your Day
Christmas Silhouette templates available in Etsy store.
One of my favorite DIY's. It has the coziest Christmas feeling. Made with my templates (which are available on my Etsy Store: Shop BarberellaHome), 1/4" plywood, white paint, and regular holiday lights to backlit it. Be the Christmas show stopper this year, bound to be a neighborhood favorite!!
an odd looking table with two sinks on it's legs and a rug in the background
two red, white and blue poles are standing on top of each other
two white teddy bears sitting on top of a snow covered table next to fake trees
christmas decor ideas, christmas decor ideas diy, christmas decor
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two pictures of people standing in front of clouds hanging from the ceiling and one is taking a photo
christmas decor ideas, christmas decor ideas diy, christmas decor
#christmasdecorations #christmasdecordiy #christmastreeideas #diychristmasdecorations #christmasdecor #christmastreeideas #christmasdiy
a large white object sitting on top of a floor
Use in areas of hallway
a lighted snowman with a hat and scarf
lighted candles in front of a house decorated for christmas
Outrageous Outdoor Holiday Decorations You Have to See
a large black trash can sitting on top of a wooden floor next to other boxes
DIY Lifesize Nutcracker on a budget, Pots, Planters and PVC.
an image of christmas decorations outside in the snow
a white wooden sleigh sitting on top of a floor next to a window
Full size Santa Sleigh
a sleigh filled with presents sitting on the side of a building next to a tree
DIY Santa Sleigh - Her Tool Belt
DIY Santa Sleigh with free pattern.
an entrance decorated with christmas decorations and balloons