Geometric lines

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some type of calligraphy that is black and white, with the letters in cursive
Blue Rider / typeface
a drawing of various shapes and sizes on paper with lines in the shape of cubes
40 Biggest Creatures Ever Spotted on Camera! - Diy and Crafts
an intricately designed black and white tie
Studio News & Blog — Natalie Blake Studios
the golden spiral is shown in black and white, as well as an orange circle
Sacred Geometry
someone is making a paper snowflake out of cardboard
DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends Tutorial | Hunker
a golden section with the letter g in it
Combined a fibonacci with a fermat spiral
an image of a spiral in black and white
Fibonacci Sequence (Circle) Print Art Print by D3LT4
a basketball court with an oval on the side and a half circle in the middle
Golden Rectangles
a drawing of an abstract design with lines and squares in the shape of rectangles
Regolo Bizzi (@Regolo54) / X