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an orange spiral staircase in the corner of a room
Space saving stair Raumspartreppen repinned by #smgtreppen #treppen #stairs #escaleras #treppenbau #stahltreppen #holztreppen #eichenstufen #architektur #design #achitektenwohnung #glasgeländer #wirdenkenmit #lieblingtreppe
an arch made out of branches in the middle of a forest with no leaves on it
cinoh: Andy Goldsworthy (Brit., born 1956), Woven branch arch, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, April 1986
a white sculpture sitting on top of a cement slab
marko pogacnik - Google-Suche ♔♛✤΂ɂтۃ؃؍ӑÑБՑ֘˜ǘȘɘИҘԘܘ࠘ŘƘǘʘИјؙYÙř ș̙͙ΙϙЙљҙәٙۙęΚZʚ˚͚̚ΚϚКњҚӚԚ՛ݛޛߛʛݝНѝҝӞ۟ϟПҟӟ٠ąतभमािૐღṨ‌‍‎‘†•⁂ℂℌℓ℗℘
a small table sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a potted plant
Pebble Mosaic
A modern interpretation of traditional Chinese pebble mosaics, the mosaic is sited in a shaded seating area in the kitchen garden at the McEvoy Olive Oil Ranch in northern Marin County, California.
several wooden steps with plants growing on them
Amazing Ideas to Plan a Sloped Backyard That You Should Consider
20 Sloped Backyard Design Ideas |
how to make a side - wire canopy
Slide Wire Canopy: 8-Step Build for an Attractive Shade
Add Extra Shade to Your Outdoor Area by Making a Slide-Wire Canopy
an intricately designed stone floor in the middle of a building with blue and white tiles
Pebble Mosaic for the Garden
Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens: Pebble Mosaic for the Garden
a peace sign made out of colorful flowers
Collections - David Kracov Art
David Kracov Art | Flower Power - David Kracov Art
a stone statue made to look like a person holding a pine cone on his head
prehistoric art
Venus of Willendorf (replica), Age: Around 25,000 BCE; Material: Oolitic Limestone; Found: Willendorf (Austria) in 1908; Present Location: Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna (Austria); Length: 10.6cm; Width: 5.7cm; Depth: 4.5cm.
a yellow sign that says fakt ist nurr 37 % der mensch versthen
Fakt ist..
Fakt ist.. | Lustige Bilder, Sprüche, Witze, echt lustig
a tree house is built in the middle of a room
Art Aurea
Hochbett <em>Mezzanine sur arbre sculpté</em>. Holz, 225 x 170 x 197 cm (Hochbett), 80 x 80 x 304 cm (Baumstamm) ähnliche tolle Projekte und Ideen wie im Bild vorgestellt findest du auch in unserem Magazin . Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch. Liebe Grü�
Bücherregale selber bauen - Hausbibliothek in jedem Zimmer Home Libraries, Reading Bench, Cozy Window Seat, Window Seat Design, Window Benches, Reading Area, Bench Designs, Cozy Reading Nook, Hus Inspiration
Bücherregale selber bauen – Hausbibliothek in jedem Zimmer
Bücherregale selber bauen - Hausbibliothek in jedem Zimmer