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a woman with red hair is leaning against a window
a woman sitting at a desk with an old typewriter in front of her and papers on the table
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Typing pool. The typing pool is staffed almost exclusively by young, single, frustrated women who share a single ambition - to marry for money and escape the drudgery of work. While the “girls” of the typing pool are all women, the bosses are all men. The worst thing that can happen to a typist is to do a whole page of typing with the carbon back to front. Almost equally as bad is the boss bringing an “urgent” document to be typed at 4:55 in the afternoon.
a ghostly figure in a dark room surrounded by candles
The Golden Witching Hour, Me, Digital, 2022
The Golden Witching Hour, Me, Digital, 2022 : Art
a painting of a person sitting in a field with red flowers and hills behind them
Pose Reference, Pose, Pose Reference Photo, Poses, Photo Reference
a black and white photo of a woman in an elaborate dress
Bellezza medusea (Medusa iconography)
Mary Nolan
a woman sitting on top of a bed wearing fishnet stockings and garters
People, De Stijl, Kaos, Persona, Fotografie
a woman in a long black dress hanging upside down from a tree with her feet up
Sombre Boîte
🎆 Untitled・Dan Olivier Credits : @daniolivier_arts ・⁠ ・⁠ ・⁠ #DanOlivier #creativetechnology #technologyart #artandtechnology #art #projectionmapping #new_media_art #newmediaart #futureart #contemporaryart #digitalart #36degres