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two pictures showing different types of food on the same plate and in another picture, there is a hand holding a piece of bread
Walnuss-Aufstrich – veganes Rezept für pikanten Brotaufstrich
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Somlauer Nockerl | Frisch Gekocht
a glass bowl filled with coleslaw and carrots
Surówka jak od chińczyka z baru
Surówka jak u Chińczyka od Japończyka
a kitchen counter top covered in lots of brown crumbs next to a window
Apfelstrudel, Krautstrudel, Buchteln und Beugel - traditionelle Rezepte
a white bowl filled with soup on top of a table next to a fork and napkin
Bernika - mój kulinarny pamiętnik: Zupa lasagne
a bowl of soup with meat and vegetables on a cloth next to a silver spoon
Zupa gołąbkowa. Raz spróbowaliśmy, już zawsze będziemy ją robić. PRZEPIS - Polecam Przepis
a bowl filled with coleslaw on top of a wooden table
Chińska surówka z białej kapusty w słodkiej zalewie z czosnkiem i octem - Stonerchef
there are many desserts in glass bowls on the table
Schokokuss Dessert - saraokla
a piece of food that is on top of a cloth with it's bite taken out
Burgenländer Kipferl
two breads with holes on them sitting next to each other
Bosnisches Fladenbrot „Lepinje“, leicht, luftig, lecker/ Bosanske Lepinje - Somuni, jednostavne, mekane, ukusne
a pan filled with bread sitting on top of a table next to a white vase
Herbstglück pur: Buchteln mit Zucker und Zimt!
Buchteln mit Zucker und Zimt I I Rezept I Herbst
a white dish filled with ham and cheese
Sandwich-Lasagne in 15 Minuten |
rolls in a white dish with blue and white napkins next to it on a wooden table
Herbstglück pur: Buchteln mit Zucker und Zimt!
two cheese pizzas sitting on top of each other with the words knoblauch kassettangen above them
Knoblauch-Käsestangen - Giorvy