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two plates filled with chicken and vegetables on top of a wooden table next to chopsticks
Glasiertes Huhn mit Hoisinsauce und Cashewkernen - Giorvy
two images showing different types of food in pans with the words schweineflet apeleauf mit curry saint
Gratinierter Schweinefilet Apfel Auflauf mit Currysahne
the dessert is prepared and ready to be eaten
Himbeer Traum
there are two different pictures of food on the plate and one has pineapples
Spicy Ananasbombe - Süßsauer BBQ - Style im Backofen
two black plates with steak, mashed potatoes and gravy on them are shown
Rotwein- Kräuter- Rind mit Kartoffel- Sellerie- Butter- Knoblauch-Püree. Juchee!
a white plate topped with meat covered in gravy
Rehrücken mit Knödel aus Brezen