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a stuffed raccoon is being held up in the air by someone's hand
Large Raccoon Snuggler | Large Raccoon Lovey | Crochet Raccoon | Brown
This super soft, plush and thick hand crocheted Raccoon Snuggler will make the perfect addition to any nursery or kids room. Hand crocheted using bulky weight chenille yarn to create a super plush and squooshy Raccoon Friend for your Little. With a blanket body and stuffed head, this Raccoon Snuggler is the perfect blend of blanket and toy. The knotted legs make it easy for little hands to grip and hold, and it's large size makes it perfect for your special Little to snuggle with. Color: Brown S
a wrapped present sitting on top of a table next to an apple and other items
Apple Pear & Brandy Cider | Eva Kosmas Flores
Apple Pear & Brandy Cider | Eva Kosmas Flores | IMG_8816 | Eva Kosmas Flores | Flickr
a person holding a green present wrapped in twine and tied with rope on top of a rug
Christmas gift wrapping ideas - Isabella Thordsen
three different types of paper flowers and leaves on a white tablecloth with gold, silver, pink, green
an image of a present wrapped in burlock and pine cones on a table
70+ DIY Christmas Gift Crafts with Kids
DIY Christmas Crafts, Diy Christmas Crafts For Kids, Xmas Crafts, Christmas Gift DIY #christams
christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with red and white twine on them are surrounded by pine branches
Geschenke einpacken: So verpacken Sie wie die Profis
Geschenke verpacken wird mit unserer Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung in diesem Jahr zum Kinderspiel.
wrapped presents with red berries and twine tied to them on a wooden table next to scissors
Katharina sagt… definitiv eine gute neue Geschenkidee. StudioStories. packt gerne Geschenke ein. #doityourself
a red box with two green plants on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Geschenkverpackung zu Weihnachten selber machen
geschenkverpackung geschenkschachtel rote geschenkverpackung mit zweige
an image of a gift wrapped in black paper with a green tree on it and sprigs of thread next to it
island of silence
Weihnachtsgeschenk Verpackung | Frida Ramstedt Mehr