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two people are standing in the grass with their dogs
Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens by DSDHA
For nearly two decades, the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (FoVPG) have defended this historically significant park, protecting it from the pressures arising from the huge scale of development that surrounds it. In 2005 the FoVPG and Lambeth Council commissioned DSDHA to develop a long-term framework plan for the regeneration of the Gardens and environs. […]
a woman standing in front of a building with lots of plants and trees around her
Exchange Square by DSDHA
A major new public park for the City of London, suspended above the tracks of Liverpool Street Station, the creation of Exchange Square marks a significant milestone in a seven-year collaboration between DSDHA and British Land that has successfully transformed the public spaces of Broadgate. Well-being and inclusivity were vital considerations throughout the design process, […]
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and water in the background
Public Spaces for the Dance House Helsinki by Nomaji
Dance House Helsinki, a building dedicated to the art of dance, opened at the beginning of 2022. Dance House Helsinki is a major cultural project in the city that amplifies the already diverse range of events and the culture of the former industrial site of Cable Factory. As a result of the project, the environment […]
a small structure on the side of a road near grass and trees with clouds in the background
The Harish Forest Park by BO Landscape Architecture
The right to experience Nature in the city We were all standing around a long line of small saplings – rows of pink summer savory, Syrian Acanthus, bristly hollyhock, shrubby germander, and wild barley, along with many other species. “How will we be able to identify them with all the weeds that will be sprouting […]
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
Skatepark Zadar by DOMS Architect
Masterplan: The skatepark in Zadar has been planned as an integral component of the newly envisioned activity park “Novi Bokanjac”. The main concept for the whole area focuses on creating a serene environment with minimal impact on the existing natural surroundings. This project emphasizes the integration of spaces for diverse age groups, fitness levels, and […]
an aerial view of a park with lots of trees
Wadanggari Park by Arcadia Landscape Architecture
With a narrative based on the resilience of the Wadanggari (banksia), Wadangarri Park is the only park in Australia built over a railway line. Completed over live rail, adjacent to a major arterial road and bus-rail interchange and in close proximity to commercial and residential properties, this highly complex project is the result of innovative […]
a young boy is playing in the water fountain at an outdoor play area with stairs and benches
Petite Saussaie by paysarchitectures
In 2021, the “project for the resurgence of the Petite Saussaie source, project management for the development of a green link in « priority geography » brings back one of the historic sources of Vitry-sur-Seine. Previously buried and piped, the spring water now flows in the open air following its course over 150 meters in […]
two people are jogging down a path in the middle of a park with trees and bushes
The Urban Green
A former Parking Lot Has Been Transformed Into a Two-Acre Public Green Serving as the Center of a New Community Central to the Reno Entertainment District (RED) is The Urban Green, a dynamic public space containing a variety of outdoor areas that facilitate community events, around which the modern urban district is arranged. Inspired by […]
an aerial view of a park with trees and buildings in the background
Sjödalsparken by LAND arkitektur
Slightly secretive, the popular Sjödalsparken is located behind the center of Huddinge, a suburb to Stockholm. For the residents of Huddinge, the park serves as a green living room, integrated in everyday life as a passage on the commute to work, as a gathering point for picnics or just for socializing in weekends. Throughout the […]
an aerial view of a playground in the woods
Vårbergstoppen by LAND arkitektur
Vårbergstoppen is one of Stockholm’s artificial hilltops and a popular recreational area in Vårberg, Skärholmen. The area is designated to become an important park as the city is densified. LAND has been responsible for the new playground in the park. Located by the new central entrance the playground has been designed around two themes relating […]
an aerial view of a city with lots of green grass and buildings in the background
City Park De Motten by Sweco Belgium
Renovated city park ‘De Motten’ with disclosure of the Jeker River in Tongeren. The renovation of ‘De Motten’ as a recreational City Park with full disclosure of an historic branch of the Jeker River is a good example of how water can give the transition towards climate adaptation and quality of life a solid boost […]
an aerial view of a parking lot in the middle of a large field with trees and buildings
Tenstadalen by Nivå
Tenstadalen is a park covering a large area in the valley between Tensta and Spånga. The park is one of Stockholm city’s Greener Stockholm projects with the aim of creating renewed green spaces for visitors all ages. The assignment involved early stage community dialogues with residents and local groups to capture opinions and wishes around […]
two children are playing in the pond at the park
Shaul Park by BO Landscape Architects
Secret of the Garden | On renovating Ramat Gan’s Shaul Park in the spirit of the historical garden “The garden was installed with a predetermined plan in mind, tailored to the area and the general natural landscape. On entering the garden, there is a lush carpet of green grass shaped like a pretty hill. Groups […]
two children are sitting on the edge of a small pond and looking at some water
Shaul Park by BO Landscape Architects
Secret of the Garden | On renovating Ramat Gan’s Shaul Park in the spirit of the historical garden “The garden was installed with a predetermined plan in mind, tailored to the area and the general natural landscape. On entering the garden, there is a lush carpet of green grass shaped like a pretty hill. Groups […]
a group of people standing in the middle of a circle with rocks and plants growing out of it
Still Alive by Wagon
a large pool with steam rising from it and trees in the background on a cloudy day
Zurich Airport Park by Studio Vulkan with Robin Winogrond
some rocks and trees in the middle of a field with white flowers on it's side
Sankt Gallen Museum of Natural History Park by Robin Winogrond
there are many street signs in front of a building with statues on the side of it
The Voice of Memory by Robin Winogrond
children's play area with playground equipment and trees in the backgrouds
Vårgården by Nivå
a wooden bridge over a body of water surrounded by trees and bushes on a sunny day
Farsta Strandpark by Nivå
people are walking around in front of a building with many trees and bushes surrounding it
Campus Roche, Central Park by Bryum
two people sitting on the grass in front of a tall building with trees and buildings behind them
Tinel park by OMGEVING
an aerial view of a park in the middle of a city with lots of trees
Carl Nielsens Allé by WERK
From Asphalt Jungle to New Oasis Previously, ‘Carl Nielsens Allé’ at Østerbro was a busy parking lot. Today, the place has been transformed into a lush urban space that the residents can enjoy every day. When it rains, the green oasis turns into a beautiful water basin, contributing to the area’s flood protection. The circular […]
several people are walking around in the rain
Hubland Park – Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 by hutterreimann
On the site of former American military barracks on the eastern outskirts of the city, the city of Würzburg is implementing an urban conversion project. It covers an area of 140 ha with the aim of developing a new district (Hubland Nord) for 4,500 residents and an extensive university and research campus. The State Garden […]
there is a long bridge that goes over the water and has ducks swimming on it
Built on Sugar – Park am Löbauer Wasser by hutterreimann
The Park on the Löbauer Wasser river is the result of the transformation of a former sugar factory and derelict textile factories in the state of Saxony. It has been completed in the year 2012 with the event of the Regional Garden Show. As this part of eastern Germany is suffering especially hard by structural […]
a bridge that is over water with trees in the background
Bürgerpark Wernigerode by hutterreinmann
Wernigerode is a picturesque small town with half-timber buildings located at the northern ranges of the Harz. It has a legendary view of the Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany. Almost forgotten to its inhabitants there were seven historic fishponds on the city’s outskirts, the oldest of which from the 14th century. They lay […]
an aerial view of a tennis court in the middle of a city with lots of buildings
Plantage Potsdam by hutterreimann
Plantage Potsdam-multi coded: From Lenné to Max Dortu The historical ground is one of three green-dominated squares in the heart of Potsdam part of Potsdam’s inner city preservation area. The former swampland was used since 18. century as a mulberry plantation (Plantage). During urban extension in Baroque times, the area was used for military and […]
an aerial view of a large field surrounded by trees and water in the middle of it
Dwaalster Park Vijversburg by LOLA
Park Groot Vijversburg is a romantic public park with a growing art collection located in the north of the Netherlands. The park is broadening its boundaries and is ambitious to become a national destination. The design gives a contemporary interpretation to two new park chambers, which link the historical park, a post-war recreational area, and […]
two people riding bikes in front of a fenced area with tall grass and plants
Park Poelzone Westland by LOLA
Park Poelzone combines nature development, water storage, new recreational route structures, large-scale relocation of homes, and the restructuring of greenhouse horticulture. With the ambition to transition 21 ha into a recreational and ecological nature-driven space for humans and animals, LOLA Landscape Architects made the definitive design for Poelzone Noord. Park as a natural route An […]