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an image of some white rope on a wooden table with the caption'ten strands to one side and seven to the other
making a french sennit tutorial
tutorial for making a french sennit braid - Paracord belt or my next mandolin strap
an open book with two pages cut out to look like it is in the shape of a
Free Printable Gift Box Templates - Pillow Box and Others
pillow box template this one prints properly, also link to two smaller printable pillow boxs
an open cardboard box with a piece of paper cut out next to it
Making Little Boxes
pillow box template and tutorial
an empty blue box with four sections cut out to make it look like they have been placed
Find Inspiring DIY Projects
Blitsy: Template Dies- Matchbox - Lifestyle Template Dies - Sales Ending Mar 05 - Paper - Save up to 70% on craft supplies!
an empty box is shown with the cut out for it to be used as a gift
Find Inspiring DIY Projects
Template Rectangle Box
three baskets filled with red cups sitting on top of a table
Плетение из газет
Уроки плетения из газет: интересный узор в технике плетения из газет - "шахматка"
the instructions for how to make a paper bag with lace trimmings and ribbon
Sweet (news)paper bags
Sweet (news)paper bags. You could make them out of brown paper too, great to hold baby or wedding shower favours
a close up of a cup with flowers on it
Resirkulere - recycle
recycled can
three clocks with the words free printable clock faces on them, sitting next to each other
Clock Wreath & Free Printables
Free Printable clock faces.
four different types of decorative items with flowers on them and the names of each item
A Gift Of Love – Free Printable Victorian Fan
Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Fan - A Gift Of Love - free for personal use; scale down
an open sewing box with ribbon, scissors and other crafting supplies in it on a table
Esprit "fille" .... - Le blog du club de point de croix de Racrange ( Moselle - 57 ).
an open box with flowers on the lid and decorative paper around it, sitting on a white surface
Gaveeske med skuffer
Unnis Paper Craft - Gift box with drawers ♥ love it