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a whiteboard with some diagrams on it next to a blue pen and a marker
DIY Home
The Revision Guide en Instagram: “How to draw banners... #TheRevisionGuide_HowTo add these to your notes and your notes would instantly become more interesting :)
a bunch of different types of ribbons on a white background - miscellaneous objects / objects
Banners and Labels Sketches
the paper box is lined up and ready to be used as a projector marker
Banner met vak tekenen.
a pen and some paper on top of a piece of paper with different things in it
Sieh dir dieses Instagram-Foto von @therevisionguide an • Gefällt 1,000 Mal
some type of writing that is on top of a piece of paper with different types of lettering
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a set of hand drawn banners and ribbons with the word banner on them in black ink
{doodle with me} How To Make Banners + Freebies
How To Make Banners
a notebook with some type of writing on the page and it is lined in pink ink
20 Tips On How To Make Your Bullet Journal Look Really Pretty -
When it comes to organizing and planning, bullet journals are the way to go. Not only do they help keep your life together, but they also serve as an outlet of creativity. Bullet journals aren’t just for to-do lists, reminders, schedules, and habit tracking – they’re also for doodling. The artwork involved in bullet journaling … Read More
several different types of paper with red tape on them and some pink ribbons hanging from the top
Banner zeichnen Schritt für Schritt - Bunte Galerie
wie zeichne ich einen Banner - how to draw a banner useful for hand lettering, zentangle inspired art, greeting cards / birthday cards, doodles, ...
the instructions for how to draw curved paper
Bullet Journal
a notebook with some drawings on it and the words written in different languages are shown
some writing on top of a sheet of paper with different types of lettering in it
Ennui For Me
studypetals: 3.26.16+5:41pm // 24/100 days of productivity // i was able to finish 85% of my paper today when i only expected to get half of it done, so i took a break to write some lettering ideas! this time, i wanted to explore with mildliners.