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apple pie rice paper rolls with text overlay
Baked Apple Pie Rice Paper Rolls | Gluten Free | Vegan | Apple Pie Rolls
an egg sandwich cut in half and stacked on top of each other next to a bowl of rice
Japanese Egg Sandwich (Tamago Sando)
Japanese egg sandwich, or tamago sando, features creamy egg salad packed between light and fluffy Japanese milk bread. It is so easy to put together and holds up well, so it’s perfect for a light meal or wrapped up for your kid’s lunchbox.
two mugs filled with pink chai sitting on top of a table next to each other
Kashmiri Pink Chai (Noon Tea) - Chili to Choc
a menu for a smoothie with almonds and berries on the side, in front of a pink background
Frischer Himbeere-Mandel Smoothie
Ein natürliches Kraftpaket wichtiger Nährstoffe: Mandeln sind reich an Zink und eine Quelle von Riboflavin und Niacin, die helfen, deine Haut und Nägel zu pflegen. Das bedeutet, dass dieser köstliche Smoothie dazu beitragen kann, deine Schönheit von innen heraus zu stärken. Erfahre mehr über die Schönheitsvorteile von Mandeln unter
a skillet with powdered sugar in it sitting on top of a white table
This Dutch Baby Pancake Is the Easiest Way to Impress Your Friends
Dutch baby pancakes are like a hybrid (or a love child, if you will) of a pancake, a crepe, and a popover — all in one giant skillet. It feels like a party trick, but for the breakfast crowd. I break these out whenever anyone in my house needs a little extra delight in their day.
ham and cheese croissants with honey mustard glaze are the perfect side dish
Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard Glaze
Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard Glaze - a simple but delicious Mother's Day Breakfast!
some pancakes stacked on top of each other with the words super soft homemade donuts
Super Soft Homemade Donuts - My Homemade Heaven
I’m excited to share this recipe with you today. We’ve tried many many different donut recipes, some that are suppose to be quick, no-rise donuts, and others that you work with all day and let them rise, etc. Some were good, others were okay, but it wasn’t until we made these and devoured the entire batch in …