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a framed print with the words you are the wild berry to my little
You are the wild berry to my Lillet - Poster 30x45 cm
Plotterdatei Lillet Trinkspruch
a glass vase with blue and yellow flowers painted on the side, sitting on a white surface
Wine Glass Hand Painted with Forget Me Nots, Personalised, Gift for her, Bridesmaid Gift, Wine Lover, Anniversary Gift
a wine glass with the word sweet written in cursive writing on it, next to a brick wall
Stickern mit Namen für Weinglas, für JGA Party. Team Bride, Braut...
three wine glasses with painted ladybugs and daisies on the bottom one is empty
Painted candle holders with daisies and ladybugs, cute tea light holder, glass painted centerpiece, 21st birthday gift for her, mom gift