~*Illustrationen Elena Anders*~

Meine Illustrationen rund um Lebendigkeit und Farbe im Leben
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a drawing of a person with a hat and flowers in front of her is an animal skull
a drawing of a naked woman sitting on top of a green leafy plant next to the ocean
a drawing of a man sitting on the ground in front of a green and yellow background
a drawing of a woman diving in the water
some pink flowers are sitting on a white sheet and there is a painting in the background
a table topped with lots of flowers and art supplies
a drawing of two children flying in the air with a heart shaped balloon
a watercolor painting of a woman with red flowers on her head and necklace around her neck
a woman laying on top of a tree stump next to a horse
a drawing of two people hugging each other
an abstract painting with red and yellow leaves in the center, surrounded by swirling swirls
a watercolor drawing of a man in green pants and a pink blazer is dancing
a drawing of a woman holding a bird on her shoulder and sitting in front of a mirror
a drawing of a person sitting in a lotus position