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a woman with red hair is standing in front of a brick wall and looking at the camera
mah-jong : fashion for rebellion
four different patterns in red, blue and white with dots on them for wallpaper
Retro, Vintage, Vogue, Vintage Patterns, Vintage Pattern, Vogue Sewing
Vintage pattern books 1960-67
a blue background with pink, yellow and red flowers on it's side is shown
✿ she's a carnival ✿
an old movie poster for sweet charity with women in dresses and high heeled shoes
an advertisement for old london perfumes with a woman's face and flowers in her hair
Yardley Legacy
Oh! de London Eau De Toilette #YesteryearsFavourite #VintageYardley
a pink background with red and blue flowers
Nähstoff mit 60er Jahre Muster seamless pattern with floral elements in retro scandinavian style - CottonBee
Stoffe zum Nähen 60er Jahre Muster nahtlose Muster mit floralen Elementen im Retro-skandinavischen Stil Siehe 60er Jahre Stoff Autor orangeberry Nähstoff bedrucken - Baumwolle prüfen und drucken in der 60er Jahre Muster
an old photo of a young woman with flowers in her hair, and the image is framed
Jean Shrimpton: covers and ad's
Jean Shrimpton: full page Yardley ad for Mademoiselle magazine, November 1965.
a blue background with flowers and leaves in the shape of circles on top of each other
The Groovy Archives
Fashion, Style, Anos 60, Moda
an advertisement for pink is for girls
1968 lustre cream shampoo magazine ad
1974 Penny's catalog Century Clothing, 1974 Fashion, 20th Century Fashion
1974 Penny's catalog
Dress, Nice Dresses
vintage fashion
Punk, Studio, Rocker, Gogo Dancer, Gogo Girl
Girl, Muziek, Kleding, 60s, Moda Femenina
1970s Room, 1970s Home, Mid Century Fashion, Seventies
The 1960s: Photo
Ralph Lauren, Costume, Pretty
1967 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog, Page 99 - Catalogs & Wishbooks
Vintage Shops, 70s Aesthetic, 60s Summer, Vintage Summer, 60s Fashion
Valley of the Dolls
Heels, Shoes, Vintage Shoes, 60s Shoes, Fancy Shoes, Shoes Ads
Personality Shoes 1967
Women's Dresses, Fashion Trends
60s girl fashion
an advertisement for sunglasses with multiple pictures of people wearing them
Fashionable Frames
1960s, Vetements, Retro Fashion
Spiegel 69 fw red jumper
Clothing, Haute Couture, Fashion Design, Cute Outfits
Inspiration, Vintage Ladies, 60s Clothing, 1960s Vintage
Fashion Models, Vintage Clothing, Susan Dey, Swinging 60s
Seventeen 1966. Martha Branch.
Fall Winter, Retro Outfits, Collection
1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog, Page 18 - Catalogs & Wishbooks
Royals, Comedians, Vintage Girls, 1970s Models, 1960’s Aesthetic, 70s Women
Seventeen Magazine - February, 1967
an advertisement for mary quant's color essentials, with the eye looking out
Mary Quant "Color Essensuals" Eyeshadow Ad, 1978
Maxis, Blue And White, Mod 60s, 60s Style, Fashion Pattern
Blue and white
Canada, Buy Clothes, Expensive Clothes, Fashion Advice, Mod Look
Hello, Goodbye - Rookie
Yellow and red | From Mademoiselle, April 1966 | Page | Flickr Red Coat
Yellow and red
Yellow and red | From Mademoiselle, April 1966 | Page | Flickr
Rita Skeeter, Mod 60s Fashion
Pierre Cardin, La Mode, Fifties Fashion
1960's Fashion - 1960's Fashion Photo (36535252) - Fanpop 1960s Hippie Fashion, Mod Fashion Women, Style Année 70, Style Année 60, France Gall, Decades Of Fashion, Mod Girl, Fashion 1960s
1960's Fashion Photo: 1960's Fashion
1960's Fashion - 1960's Fashion Photo (36535252) - Fanpop
1966~Summer! ^^ | ♥Jenny ☼ Junniper!♫ | Flickr 1970s, Beatles, Lauren Hutton, Pattie Boyd, Jenny, Swinging Sixties, Boyds
1966~Summer! ^^
1966~Summer! ^^ | ♥Jenny ☼ Junniper!♫ | Flickr
Uniform, Twiggy, Vintage Style Dresses
The Carnabetian Army
Fifties Dress, 60s Women, 60s 70s Fashion, Evolution Of Fashion
Cotton Producers Institute 1967
Queen, Fashion Magazines, Fashion Magazine
McCall's Sewing Catalogs from 1968
The 1960s: Photo
The 1960s: Photo
1969 Pret à porter Vetements Mr Chavanoz French, Paris, American Apparel, Porter, French Fashion
Pretty Publicité: Swinging Mademoiselles in 1960s French Fashion Ads - Flashbak
1969 Pret à porter Vetements Mr Chavanoz
Foundation, Oldies
Colleen Corby 17MagDec66ZigZag4
Knitting, Rockabilly, Polyester
magazine - rakam - 1968 - moda (2)
magazine - rakam - 1968 - moda (2)
France Gall - 1968. Casual Chic, Womens Fashion, Street Style, Mode Wanita
France Gall - 1968.