06. MPI Summer Camp-W6-Who Wants to be a Scientist

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a child's hand holding up a sign that says fluffy slime
Winter Sensory Science
As you may know, I am a huge fan of hands-on projects and experiments. In college, I worked as a "Mad Scientist" at a science summer camp for kids ages 5-12. We built robots, launched rockets, and,
an air pressure science experiment in a jar
Balloon Air Pressure Science Experiment for Kids
Wow! What a simple way to teach kids about air pressure. You can do this fun and easy Balloon Air Pressure Experiments at home. This is a science experiment that requires adults to demonstrate, but it's an awesome science activity for kids to observe. Great DIY addition to a weather unit for homeschool or in the classroom. #science #sciencefair
a glass jar filled with water on top of a blue plate
Fun Water Experiments
You can do so many cool science experiments for kids with just water and a few common household supplies! Check out these great indoor activites for kids and find more fun activities for kids here!
rainbow science experiment for kids with candy and candies on the plate next to it
Skittles Rainbow Experiment
Skittles Rainbow Experiment- Explore the wonderful world of science with our Skittles Rainbow Experiment! This would be the perfect fun summer science experiment to keep the kids entertained. It's an easy science experiment for kids and great for kids of all ages. Magic melting Skittles is a great rainbow experiment for a homeschool science lesson.
two bags filled with pencils and the words pencil in bag experiment written on them
Pencil in Water Bag Experiment
This amazing Pencil in Water Bag Experiment is a cool science project for kids with instant wow factor. Best part is you probably have all the supplies.
a red balloon sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cd cover that says hovercraft science experiment
Hovercraft Science Experiment
Is your child bored of science experiments? How about an experiment that will make them float in the air with their own hovercraft. This is one of our favorite STEM activities for kids, perfect for making some noise in your homeschool! Follow these instructions and see if you can make it work!