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a close up of a turtle with bubbles in it's mouth and on its back
Turtle Embroidery Kit ; Custom quote ; Hand Embroidery design ; Modern embroidery ; 7 inch Hoop ; Turtle Totem ; Beginner Seaside seashore
"This customisable 7 inch Turtle embroidery kit is a fun embroidery project with a pre-printed turtle design on cotton fabric so no need for trace or transfer. Add a personal quote or add the one suggested \"Time to Slow Down\" which reminds us of the qualities of patience, perseverance and persistence ... also of long life and a peaceful future OR add a personalised custom quote of your choice. The DIY craft kit it makes a great DIY gift for adults, teens or children. It is a thoughtful handma
an orange flower is laying on top of some blue material with thread and scissors next to it
a pair of goldfishs in an embroidered hoop hanging on a white surface next to scissors
three red mushrooms sitting on top of each other in front of a white wall hanging
Cross Stitch Embroidery Design
someone is stitching an aurora bore in the night sky with their hand embroidery project
I’m in love with this wave❤️ again❤️so little embroidery....#embroidery