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someone is holding a pair of scissors in front of a toaster with the words very useful trick
Very Useful Tricks | Very Useful Tricks For You | By Women LifeFacebook
a blue glass vase sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a cactus
From Yard Sale to Yard Decor | From Yard Sale to Yard Decor | By The Gooch | One man's trash is another man's treasure. Look at these garage sale finds I got this weekend. So let's take these two first. We're going to start with these two. Okay just turn this one upside down. Take off the sticker. I've got glass glue. This is made specifically for glass. Put the glass glue all around the bottom. If it drips down a little bit that's fine. Just don't touch it. And then just put it right on top. And then you're going to hold it for I mean the directions say 10 to 45 seconds. But let's just let's just get it on there. Now I'm taking this E 6000 glue. You can get it JoAnne's or Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I'm just going to put it all around the edge. I also took this apart and put some in the middle right in there to bond the whole center of it. Picked up these comic books. These aren't for this project but look at these. Walt Disney. These are 12 cents. 12 cents. They're not in the best condition but who remembers comic books? What were what was your favorite? Was it Superman? They had Superman. I hear those are worth a lot of money. I'm going to take this bowl and then I'm going to take this part. Let me move my comic books. And then look at this. This is a Christmas dish. But you're not going to be able to tell it's Christmas when I'm done with it. Take your glass glue. Right around the edge. We want it to bond. Right around the edge. Take the E 6000. Surprised I remember to put the cap on. I'm always forgetting the cap. Put some E 6000 right around there. Find the center. And then just push it down right there. Look at that how it's... you could put something heavy in here if you want. Okay. We don't need the lid for this but I'm going to keep this for another project. Look how nice that is. There's like hearts around there. Okay I forgot to do this. I never liked cleaning, But I forgot to clean this. So give it a quick clean. Get it nice and shiny. Now that that glue is all dried on everything. Let's flip it over. Spray that. Let's get that price tag up. That was a dollar. Think I got my money's worth. And remember one man's trash is another man's treasure. How many of you like garage sales? It's that time of year. It's springtime. The weather's perfect for it. Okay now. Guess what? This is not from a garage sale. I stopped it this is from a Dollar General store. So these are These are those light up stakes. So we're going to take this one. You're going to take them apart. Make sure you're wearing your glasses. Just break that right off. Protect your eyes. Get it nice and flat. Okay. And you're going to take this one and you're going to take this one. This one you just take it apart. These come apart really easily. Okay I finally got that one apart so I've got two of these. So take this one. We're going to put glue on the bottom. Use your glass glue. This is glass. Get it on there nice and good right along the edge. And take it. We're going to put it right down into the vase. Put it right in the center. Let it set up nice and good. Okay? Take this jumbo bowl vase. And then take your other solar light and just put some E6000 around it. Just get a nice glob on there. And then put it right in the middle. It'll it'll set up pretty fast. Okay last step. Take this one. Take this. See this Christmas? You don't have to use Christmas but it was cheap. And then take your glue. Put glue around the top of this. All around just like that. It's okay if some drips down. This is you can scrape it off. Take this. And put it right in the center. If you need to mark the center, you can but I like to eyeball it because quite frankly, I've got a pretty good eyeball. One more strip of glass glue all the way around. Got that on there. Now, let's take this. And let's head outside. Let's put this together. Take the lid off the plunger. Take the base. Put it right over the stick just to hold into place and then put the rocks all around it Look how amazing that is. Now, we're going to take our bird seed, fill the center bowl with your bird seed. Now, we're going to pour the water all around our garage sale bird bath. The birds are going to love this. If I can make this, you can make this and don't forget to take the sticker off. I'll post a picture in the comments of this lit up. So, make sure you like the picture so I know you saw it.
a close up of a stuffed animal wearing a santa hat
45K views · 3.9K reactions | CreativeMamy only Christmas on Reels | CYRIL · Stumblin' In
a man in a suit standing next to a table with red heart shaped napkins on it
7.8K views · 8.6K reactions | Pegue essa dica maravilhosa para decoração da sua mesa posta #repost @homeinspirehacks Dica boa é dica compartilhada! Boas festas! 🌲🎅❤🎅❤🎅❤🎅❤🎅❤🌲 #mesapostacompropósito #meseirascomprazer #mesapostapraquemgosta #meseirasconectadas #meseiraassumida #meseirasassumidasdobrasil #meseirascomatitude #amorservidoàmesa #meseiraspelomundo | amor servido à mesa | Dharia · Sugar & Brownies
an outdoor planter with plants in it
I Turned an Old Filing Cabinet into the Modern Planter of My Dreams
A file cabinet converted into garden bed next to a vase full of water.
Diy Light Bulb, Nyttige Tips, Led Lighting Diy, Diy Handyman, Diy Crafts Life Hacks, Diy Electrical, Led Diy, Everyday Hacks, Amazing Life Hacks
Just Put Super Glue on the Led Bulb and you will be amazed
a metal rack with fruit and vegetables hanging on it's side next to a white wall
40+ DIY Projects That Have Us Breaking Out Our Pencils And Hot Glue Guns - mydiwise
an advertisement for bo peep brand with a girl holding a stick
Charter Oak Bo Peep Orange Citrus Crate Label Art Print - Fruit and Vegetable Crate Label Art Prints
Charter Oak Bo Peep Orange Citrus Crate Label Art Print
a mason jar filled with dog treats next to a cat's paw magnet on a wooden board
Dog Leash Holder With Treat Jar. Dog Treat Jar/leash Holder Combination. Handmade Treat Holder - Etsy
Dog leash holder with treat jar. Dog treat by KingsBenchCreations
a glass jar filled with dog treats on top of a wooden wall mounted shelf next to a metal hook
Dog Leash Holder With Treat Jar. Handmade Leash Holder With Treat Jar Holder - Etsy
Dog leash holder with Treat Jar. Handmade by KingsBenchCreations