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a painting of a man working in a shop
a man with a past
Coolest Welder third hand ever
Yes its called welders third hand and finally it looks like a Hand
If you are a TIG welder you NEED IT!
an older man is standing in front of a large book with writing on the pages
Law Of Attraction Archives - LOA Alpha
the back of a black shirt that says skilled machinists aren't cheap, cheap
Tool & Die - CNC Machining Shop
The Union way!
a man standing on top of a cliff next to a wooden structure with people working on it
Daredevil workers risk lives building mountain footpath on cliff face, in pictures
Construction workers build new road to attract tourists in Pingjiang, Hunan province, China
a man standing in front of large rolls of metal and looking at something on the ground
photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt - General Electric Turbine Plant (1948)
a man in overalls working on a machine
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Drill Press Above we show a grand image of Man operating drill press at Navy Yard, U.S., Washington. Torpedo Shop. It was created in 1917 by Harris & Ewing.
an industrial factory with workers working on large rolls of steel
Ruhr Nachrichten
Jahre Krupp
an old poster shows a woman in uniform working on a machine with the words, do the job he left behind apply employment service
a woman working on an assembly line with lots of machines and people in the background
a man standing in front of large metal pipes
“Man dwarfed by gigantic gears he is working on for the navy, at General Electric plant in US”, by Dmitri Kessel, 1942 Keep reading
a man working on machinery in a factory
Woman at BASF gas engine power house in 1917
Woman at BASF gas engine power house in 1917 by BASF - The Chemical Company, via Flickr
a black and white photo of a large machine in the middle of a factory floor
© bpk/Bildagentur für Kunst / Unknown photographer, ca. 1928, Steam-hydralic forging press (15000 tons), Friedrich Krupp AG, Essen, Germany