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chickens are climbing up and down the ladders in their coop, which is made from wood planks
Silkies Who Roost at Night
Many silkie folks have observed and reported that their silkies don't roost, as a matter of fact, they even hate ramps. Well, mine have shown the contrary. Here are some pics to illustrate my quirky little fellas, who DO like to roost at night with the big boys and girls. All these Silkies were...
the pipes are lined up on the wall
Blaines Chicken Coop
a metal bucket sitting on top of a wooden stand in the grass next to a fence
Chicken feeder hanger
Chicken feeder hanger | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
several chickens are standing in their coops
Chicken mansion
there is a ladder that has been placed on the floor
Our new chicken coop roost should easily and comfortably hold 20+ chickens and the poop hammock makes cleaning a breeze.
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an old white truck is covered with dirt and mussels in the back yard
Poop board experts!
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the chicken coop is built into the side of the house
How to Build a DIY Chicken Coop & Run that your Chickens & Husband will LOVE - Lehman Lane
crates filled with hay and bales sitting on the ground
an assortment of vegetables in a cage on top of the ground next to other chickens
a building that is under construction with some wire on the ground and concrete in front of it
Predator proof chicken run
an image of a drainage system being installed in the ground with mesh covering over it
900+ Chicken Coops Designs ideas | chicken coop designs, coops, coop design
a chicken coop with wood and wire around it
****** DIY chicken feeder pipe! ******
****** DIY chicken feeder pipe! ****** | Page 44 | BackYard Chickens - Learn How to Raise Chickens
a chicken is standing on the ledges in an empty room with no one inside
The Little Red Hen House
a room that is being remodeled with wood and tile on the floor, along with an unfinished window sill