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some baskets are stacked on the floor and ready to be used as planters or vases
Fair Trade Scrapwood Baskets by Piet Hein Eek
Piet Hein Eek, Dutch Designer - baskets
an advertisement for a bus that has been designed to look like it is going down the road
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three different colored chairs sitting next to each other on a hard wood floor in front of a white wall
From curbside to studio
paint all the chairs I get asked quite often what type of paint I use. Every project is different, and usually depends on what I have on hand!!! Above the yellow chair was painted with Annie’s Chalk paint, the blue chair was spray painted with Valspar spray paint and then sanded down to look antique. The peach chair was behr sample paint I had left over from the last workshop.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall with a clock above it
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1830 Austrian Chair ~ TopsyDesign
two wooden stools sitting next to each other on a tile floor in front of a table
Woonwinkel in Elspeet: Het Woonhuis
Early Rustic stools/benches
Nairobi Woven Tote Bag by Bamboula Bags, Purses, Woven Bag, Beach Bag, Bag Lady, Basket Bag, Woven, Bag, Straw Bag
Shop Handmade Fashions & Accessories | DARA Artisans
Nairobi Woven Tote Bag by Bamboula
twelve snowflakes are in a box on the table
Santa Lucia Snowflake Ornaments | Garnet Hill
Laser cut snowflake ornaments this would be the cutest thing ever if you had a winter wedding before Christmas so the guest could have a souvenir to hang on the tree :)
a wooden chair with a sheepskin rug on the floor
a small white table sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a gray wall
two tables made out of woven material and wooden legs, each with different colored beads on them
Marble stool / coffee table NAT(F)USE by Budri | #design Patricia Urquiola
a white and wooden chair against a white background
a blue background with red, white and blue flowers on it's stems in the center
Adobe Portfolio
Floral Exploration by Jill De Haan, via Behance
red and white plates with labels on them are shown in three different positions, one is empty
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