Tarot cards for beginners

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a blue sign that is on the side of a building with information about it and how to use it
the four r's of tarot is shown in blue and white with text
a red poster with the words what to look for in a tarot deck
What to Look for in a Tarot Deck
the rules for tarot and oracle decks are shown in this graphic above it is an image of what each deck should look like
a poster with the words reading tarot and an image of a woman's face
Tarot for beginners
a pink and purple poster with the words tarot exhaustion
an info sheet describing the different types of cards
How to Sell More Email Tarot Readings — Lisa Boswell
tarot cards showing the different types of tarot cards
Tarot Cards which Indicate a Potential for Love — Lisa Boswell
Art Illustration: Curious to discover which Tarot card represents a potential for love? Which Tarot cards should you be hoping for if you're performing a relationship reading? Which cards indicate that your romance is going to last? If you want to know which Tarot cards predict love, you're in luck! I have just the list for you below.
the powerful 3 - card tarot spread is shown in green and black with yellow lettering
The Witch Is In — Tarot tips
The Witch Is In — Tarot tips
a poster with the words 7 chakra tarot spread in different colors and sizes
Tarot Spread - 7 Chakras — Emerald Lotus