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an alien is standing at a table with a dog in front of it and the caption reads me getting ready to act normal at work
An Endowment of Memes for Those Deserving
Effin Birds, Vintage Funny Quotes, Punny Puns, Bird Quotes, Clever Quotes, Funny Birds
Effin' Birds (@EffinBirds) on X
a cat sitting on top of a rock next to a tree and holding a piece of food
A Satchel of Silly Memes For Scrolling Purposes
True Stories, Favorite Sayings, You Funny
the text reads, he wiped away her tears and accidentally her eyebrows too
34 Pics And Memes For The Exquisite Minds
a painting of a blue bird with words written on it's face and the caption i love you despite the warning signs
Troubled birds dump